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Top 5 Healthy Benefits of Wheatgrass Tea

Wheatgrass is often consumed as a freshly squeezed juice. It’s also offered for a dried juice concentrate, whole leaf powder, and tablet and now Indian Herbs is introducing Wheatgrass tea in the international market. Wheatgrass is one of the best and recommended foods for people who are suffering from several diseases such as nausea, lower metabolism, and other severe disorders.Read More....

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Four Health Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder

In the current few ages, wheatgrass has got a significant title for itself in the health management, finally arriving on the program of ‘superfoods.’ People have been changing from their usual refreshments to a beautifully made wheatgrass powder because of the health benefits it carries. And those who can’t reach the green taste of the juice rest. You have a suspension in the figure of wheatgrass powder. Stay with us and know the health benefits of using Wheatgrass powder. Read More....