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About the Company


To be a factor of mindfulness in the global business by producing a holistic, sustainable industry model that encourages, develops and promotes true wellness.


We believe in innovation, trustworthy and inspiring people by creating an organic product which can help people to cure their illnesses, keep them healthy and make a living peacefully. Our Mission is our belief.


  • Services for All
  • Help Cancer Patients
  • Helping Farmers in agriculture
  • Quality is priority
  • Respect and loyalty to Mother Nature

About the Company

Here at Indian Herbs, we have only one pledge of providing the better facilities to the farmers for cultivation, helping them in agriculture, and living with the expression of love and mindfulness in movement.

We have worked with almost 1032 small families of farmers in India, and we are doing this work for last nine years with the support of Maharishi Patanjali. Besides, our main focus is helping cancer patients and people who are suffering from severe disease. We have already helped 325 patients and the counting is still on.

All the products of Indian Herbs support wellness and true health and are prepared with soothing care. Every product is one loop in a series of the link between the farmers, you and our Mother Nature.

By preferring Indian Herbs, you are developing this series, actively striving in our purpose to build a sustainable ecosystem of true mental and physical health, implementing discipline and a life of significance to our farmers, and returning strength, healthy lifestyle, and True Wellness to you.

The farmers who do the work with us and the common wild crafters are trained in natural and biodynamic farming systems. We handle all the compensations connected with obtaining the required necessary certifications for them, and then we acquire the collected produce and herbs at an added market value. The farmers also switch between planting products on their farm for Indian Herbs with food yields for themselves. This indicates farming species are established by sustainable revenue, while at the corresponding time developing and maintaining their own health and physical conditions.

Indian Herbs has dedicated to comprising an honest and innovative global administration by implementing specific, reliable products. Our superior processing techniques and technologies guarantee that our herbs preserve their highest level of energy for the tremendous variety, most efficient, pure and essential health goods available in the supermarket now.

Indian Herbs is proud to announce the participation of Maharishi Patanjali. Our products are initiated by Maharishi Patanjali, and we already work with them for last nine years, and now we've become a part of their vision too.

Organic And Quality Certification

We are enthusiastic about establishing the rules within the natural industry. Recently, we are amongst the few herbal businesses in India to get ISO 9001-2015 and Certifications. It raised our standards as we get certified because it gives us the power to help more conveniently.

From the protection of seed to planting, from farming to harvesting, from preparing to making through sales and retailing, each impression of the way is a declaration of our dedication to honesty, responsibility and accountability for Natural Quality Services.


This new pattern indicates a sustainable market commitment which encourages, increases and maintains well-being and honor for all individuals and Mother Nature. Land Seer stands for:
  • Liable
  • Accurate
  • Decent
  • Natural
  • Socially, Environmentally and Economically Responsible

ISO 9001:2015

Globally, nothing gives absolute assurance than ISO 9001:2015 Certification in getting the buyer's belief and acceptance for a product. The certification guarantees essential hallmarks such as nature, environment, safety, cost-effectiveness, security, adaptability, interoperability, productivity and effectiveness. It also helps business, develops knowledge, and heads to the distribution of technological progress and quality management systems. These criteria help produce goods for all three ranges of sustainable growing - industrial, economic and social.